Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice’s ‘Bombshell’ EP, a Stunning Tribute to Forgotten Geniuses

In their latest EP, “Bombshell,” Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice deliver an electrifying homage to two unsung heroes of the 20th century. With a captivating blend of dance-rock and progressive balladry, this musical journey takes us deep into the lives of Hedy Lamarr and Alan Turing, illuminating their incredible contributions to science and society.

The title track, “Bombshell,” pays a vibrant tribute to Hedy Lamarr, the Hollywood icon who was not just a glamorous actress but also an inventive genius. The song’s pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies mirror the dynamism of Lamarr’s mind. Andrea Pizzo’s vocal prowess shines as he sings of Lamarr’s remarkable inventions, including WiFi and Bluetooth, which have become integral to our modern world.

On the B-side, “The Ballad of Alan Mathison” transports us to wartime London, setting the stage for Alan Turing’s gripping story. The track starts with a haunting lofi intro that evokes the atmosphere of 1940s London. It’s a mesmerizing journey through Turing’s life, from his groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence to his pivotal role in deciphering the Enigma code, ultimately saving Europe from Nazi rule.

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