Vivica A. Fox And Claudia Jordan Go In On Joe Budden Following His Comments Toward Megan Thee Stallion [Watch]

Joe Budden’s opinion about Megan Thee Stallion is very unfavorable, and it rubs the women of “Cocktails with Queens” from Fox Soul in the wrong direction!

Vivica A. Fox and Claudia Jordan lay into Budden in a recent episode, and while it’s a holiday-themed show, they dropped some choice words.Not to mention mistletoe.

Joe was unpacking Tory Lanez’s trial last week on the “Joe Budden Podcast. ” He pretended to have seen Megan do horrible things to people close to him, a sharp counterpoint from Claudia and Vivica’s perspective on the case.

Vivica told Joe to put down his “bitch ass” after talking about Thee Stallion, implying he was jealous to see the female rappers have an unparalleled presence and success in this industry.

Claudia wasn’t so rough on the delivery. Yet she has raised JB’s various allegations of domestic abuse over the years — and accused him of 🐍 his ex-cohosts Rory and Mal Outta of his podcast deal!

“I don’t like that girl,” said Budden.

She also questions why Meg’s sexual history has become a central topic of discussion around Tory’s trial denouncing a double societal norm regarding sex.

The case’s verdict is rapidly approaching, so expect more passionate opinions almost every hour!!

What do you think?

Written by KrispyLakersNation

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