Damian Lillard Wants To Win A Championship In Portland

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On Tuesday evening Damian Lillard was on Instagram Live while at dinner, and he was asked if he was leaving “PDX. The six-time All-Star replied, “I’m not leaving PDX. Not right now, at least.”

Ever since the Portland Trailblazers were eliminated from the playoff in the first round by the Denver Nuggets in six games, trade rumors have followed Lillard throughout this off-season to the point where he had to address those rumors last month during the Toyko Olympics. Due to True Hoops,’ Henry Abbott’s report that Lillard would be asking for a trade via a Source.

Marc Stein pointed out last month that Lillard and the Trail Blazers were not “ready to entertain trade possibilities.” 

On Wednesday, Lillard’s interview with Pierce Simpson of Complex Media was released; Lillard shared that he would like to win a championship in Portland.

“We have to do better, and I have always said that I want to win in Portland, and I still feel that way. So, if I say we got to get better, we have to give ourselves a chance. If we can’t get out of the first round, we got to get better,” said Lillard.

According to Lillard, he is coming from a place where he is fully invested and “not from a place where I am threatening y’all, but if it comes down to I have to move on and do something different, then maybe that is what I have to do, but it was like I have not made that decision. However, the fact remains I would like to win a championship in Portland.”

If and when Lillard is ready to move on former Blazers great Damon
Stoudamire shared earlier this year that, Lillard in his opinion, is the best Blazer ever, and they should be allowed to purchase a piece of the Blazers franchise.

“I’m the biggest Damian Lillard fan, and I think that if they are not going to get him any help. He gotta bounce, but you know I’ll say this, I think Damian Lillard the best Trailblazer ever, personally. I do, and I grew up in Portland, and that is just what I think. At this point, if he wants to stay in Portland, and nothing is guaranteed because you can get traded, and you aren’t going to win,” said Stoudamire on Clubhouse in Courtside With Dukes.

“If he stays in Portland, he needs to find a way get trenched up in the front office and try to get ownership in the team when he is done playing. I would like to see the Blazers do right by him in one way or another. I would also like to see him stay, but I don’t see how they can get better.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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