Gilbert Arenas Believes Luka Doncic Took A YMCA Mavs Team To Playoffs

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The Dallas Mavericks finished the regular season in the 5th spot in the Western Conference this past season. The Mavericks finished their regular season with 42-30.

The 2018 rookie of the year and two-time all-star has home country of Slovenia in quarterfinals at the Tokyo Olympics, sweeping the group play, including a 95-87 victory over a Spain, who ranked No. 2 in the FIBA rankings.

It raises the question can the former Euro-League MVP lead his team to a gold medal?

Former NBA veteran Gilbert Arenas is a believer.

Arenas, during a BIG3 press conference, expressed his confidence in Doncic, while taking a shot at his Dallas Maverick teammates.

“Can Luka [do it] all by himself? S—t, he did it for Dallas,” Arenas said via Fanatics View. “That YMCA team he had got into the playoffs. I’m serious…he has a chance. He has a chance. Yes.”

The Dallas Mavericks took the Los Angeles Clippers to seven games in this year’s playoff. In the elimination game, Doncic output was 46 points, 14 rebounds, and 7 assists.

In Sunday morning’s victory over Spain, Doncic did not have his best game of the Olympics. He was in early foul trouble, but was able to still be effective throughout the game. He finished the 12 points, 14 rebounds and nine assists.

Slovenia is scheduled to play Germany in the quarterfinals next and would follow with the winner of the Italy-France game.

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Written by Landon Buford

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