WWE Superstar Lana On Jennifer Decker Praising Her Work Ethic, “It Reinforces That I Am On The Right Path”



Earlier this month, Jennifer Decker, who was the host for AEW’s Double or Nothing weigh-in was a guest on WINCLY podcast. During the episode, Decker discussed her friendship with WWE Superstar Lana and how she has evolved in the company. It is a friendship that dates back to their time at Florida State University.

“We have such a history. We went to college together and was part of the group I created called the Cowgirls. We were the unofficial mascots of Florida State University,” Decker said. She would also add, that she was a mentor to Lana at the time.

“I’ve never met someone so hungry to succeed. If you tell CJ [Lana] she can’t do something; she’s gonna work that much harder to prove you wrong. So it’s been really cool to watch her and the other girls climb their way up.”

In WWE, Lana or CJ plays a Russian character with her husband Rusev. Also during the interview, Decker shared with the WINCLY podcast just like the character on tv, CJ grew up in Europe, and what she was like in college.

“She was super sweet and, she’ll be the first person to say it, a little naive,” admitted Decker. “She was from Europe – that part of her story is real, not kayfabe. She really wanted to believe in the good in everyone. But I think her time in the entertainment industry has ta犀利士5mg
ught her to be a lot more savvy. I’ve definitely been a part of that in teaching her to not let people run over you and to stand up for yourself.”

Last week, I spoke with CJ, and go her reaction to her college friend praise her work ethic.

“It is encouraging to me. At the end of my life, I want to be remembered as someone that inspired people to dream big and chase their dreams. The sky is the limit, they can make them possible, and when I hear what Jen said about me, it is encouragi犀利士
ng to me. It also reinforces that I am on the right path,” said Lana.

Lana is currently a member of the Smackdown Live roster and can be seen on Tuesday nights.

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Written by Landon Buford

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