WWE Commentator Compares Tennessee Volunteers Football Team to This WWE Superstar



Knoxville, Tennessee was the site of this week’s Monday Night Raw also the home of the University of Tennessee. During Monday’s broadcast, WWE commentator Michael Cole compared the Tennessee Volunteers football to WWE Superstar Mike Kanellis. It was a great comparison because both the Volunteers’ football team and Kanellis have been on a bit of a losing streak.

“By the way to go back to Mike Kanellis for a moment the Tennessee football team is as good as he is,” said Cole.

The Volunteers are currently one and two to start the 2019- 20 season as they lost to Georgia State and BYU to start the season. They beat the Chattanooga Mocs 45 to 0 last week at Neyland Stadium. 

As far as Mike Kanellis, he lost another match against raising WWE Superstar Ricochet. After Kanellis’ wife, Maria jokingly announced that she had Ricochet’s baby on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw. The news led to Mike Kanellis calling Ricochet to the ring for a match. It was a match that Ricochet won quickly.

Following the completion of the match, Maria Kanellis appeared on stage and informed her husband that Ricochet was not her baby’s father. She told him that she was trying to motivate him to defend her baby’s honor. Maria was not finished embarrassing Mike, as she said her real baby was, then Rusev’s entrance music hit.

Rusev would go on to defeat Mike Kanellis in his first match in months on television. There have been numerous reports that Rusev wanted some time away from the ring, as he wasn’t happy with his position on the roster.

Mike Kanellis hasn’t won a match since he pinned his pregnant wife on Aug 5, 2019, at her OBGYN office. He would quickly lose it to R-Truth on that episode of Monday Night Raw.

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Written by Landon Buford

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