The Twin Parent’s Guide to College Admissions

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Most developmental milestones seem a little different when you’re a parent of twins. In general, life is busier than usual when children are involved, whether they are in the early stages of development, have just started school, or are involved in a wide range of extracurricular and community activities. When applying to a university, things are the same.

When applying for colleges, parents of twins face additional challenges. In addition to having two sets of due dates, dual test results, and dual paperwork, you now have to do more work than ever before. As if worrying about one student wasn’t enough, now you have two to keep track of.

5 Tips to Handle College Applications with Twins

Some parents worry that raising children who have always functioned within a group may make it difficult for their offspring to develop a sense of identity as unique people. Some people worry that sentiments may be harmed if one sibling performs better than the other throughout the admissions process. Having two or more children in the midst of the college application process can be a significant time commitment for parents. We’ve compiled our five best pieces of advice for parents dealing with the college application process while also raising more than one child.

1.   Application Essays

An entrance essay must be included in the packet of materials that a student sends in to apply to your college. This allows the college or scholarship giver to become familiar with the applicant. They should make this article as unique as possible while avoiding any grammatical mistakes. has compiled a list of helpful tips for writing the essay portion of the college application. You should also look at the personal essay advice visit the page with a free essays about twins that are provided on the site. Examining successful college twin essay examples is a good method to learn what admissions officers value in an essay submission. After all, they have to be up there with excellent essay samples in the strange literary genre.

2.   Community College, State College, or Private University?

Your family’s financial situation and ability to contribute to college fees, your child’s high school academic achievements, standardized test scores, college major choice, future interests, and other considerations will all play a role in determining the answer to this question. Get a jump on figuring out these details early on in high school so that you and your kids are well-prepared for the application process in junior and senior years.

3.    Develop Children’s Self-reliance Through One-on-One Discussions

It might be difficult for twins or multiples who have spent their entire educational careers studying alongside one another to prepare for the prospect of going their separate ways at university. Your kids can be nervous about venturing out on their own and could feel more secure if they travel in a group.

The best way to encourage your children’s distinct passions is to have one-on-one discussions with each child about their hopes, dreams, and priorities for the college. Although it would seem easier to have a roundtable discussion about these topics as a family, you’ll do yourself and your kids a favor by giving them time to think about them on their own first.

4.    Remind your Kids that the Selection Committees Don’t Judge Their Worth

Another typical source of anxiety for families with numerous children is the fear that one child would feel unworthy due to college admissions. On occasion, siblings will submit applications that are virtually identical with respect to their hobbies, academic history, and standardized test scores.

When numerous applicants offer extremely similar materials, the admissions officers are likely to reach the same conclusions. In order to maintain consistency in their admissions policies, some universities conduct extra reviews of twin and duplicate applications.

5.    Consider Enlisting Some Help

The paperwork and due dates can become overwhelming when you have two or more children applying to college at the same time. You need to find some sort of method that will help you and your family stay organized. A family calendar in a visible location, a collaborative app, or task management like Trello is an example. First and foremost, families should prioritize effective communication by prioritizing the sharing of information, setting clear expectations, and providing everyone with access to a shared calendar.

Final Words

Your multiple birth children will have accomplished many great things and you will have overcome many seemingly insurmountable obstacles by the time they are of college age. One of the many crucial responsibilities you’ll play in your kids’ life is getting them ready for college. If you want to do a good job in those positions, educate yourself as much as possible by reading and talking to experts, and perhaps your kids will wait a few years before coming to you for guidance on raising their own kids. Have a wonderful time, everyone!


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