Tha Truth & Wale Join Gunna To Feed 2K Families Through Houston Relief GOODR Popup

2,000 Houston families received some much needed relief this past Sunday courtesy of the joint efforts of Gunna and GOODR. Gunna was joined by friends Trae Tha Truth and Wale in the parking lot of Sunnyside’s Worthing High School; all spending hours handing out food, household items and water to the waiting line of cars.

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Many Houstonians lost power and water for days during the longest freeze to hit the Texas region in over 70 years, rendering refrigerators full of groceries inedible and leaving families without drinking water. Grocery stores too were impacted by both impassable roads due to weather and lack of electricity to operate, creating food deserts across the state.

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Events like the Houston Relief GOODR Popup and all those that mobilized, donated and volunteered to make it happen are always welcome in these trying times and also very much appreciated.

Follow the continuing efforts of GOODR to address America’s hunger crisis on the socials below.

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Written by Landon Buford

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