Terrance ‘T Wrecks’ McKinney Reacts To WWE’s Paul Heyman Saying Anderson Silva is Gonna Knockout Jake On Oct 29th

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva – Twitter

Paul Heyman returned to WWE TV after missing a couple of weeks after being F5 by Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam. During Heyman’s promo on Friday Night Smackdown, he would elect to take shots at Logan Paul’s brother Jake Paul, who has an upcoming boxing match with MMA legend Anderson Silva October 29th.

“Your brother Jake Paul picks a fight with the greatest MMA striker in history Anderson Silva, who’s gonna knock your brother out. No disrespect,” said Heyman.

UFC’s Terrance ‘T Wrecks’ McKinney saw the clip on Twitter and reacted by tweeting, “Good way to hype up the fight through the wwe. They’re playin chess not checkers.”

Heyman is not the only one that thinks Anderson Silva will knockout Paul. UFC legend Chuck Liddell. 

“I think it’s a dangerous fight for (Jake),” Liddell told Fight Hub TV. “I mean, he’s got nothing to lose – he’s fighting Anderson Silva.

“He’s got nothing to lose, but that’s dangerous. Anderson is still powerful, he’s still sharp, and he’s a striker. Jake had some good luck with guys that were wrestlers that tried to strike. … One thing is to have OK striking for MMA, but that’s because you have to worry about them taking you down. When you don’t have to worry about getting taken down, then it’s hard to land those big bombs. But Anderson, he’s a striker and has been concentrating on boxing. He looked great in his last couple of fights.”

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Written by Nick White

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