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    Power Book IV: Force Mirkovic Caught His First Body In Chicago Looking For Tommy Egan

    At the beginning of episode five of Power Book IV: Force, Mirkovic arrives in Chicago after hearing the news that Tommy Egan was in Chicago and had something to do with the death of Tatiana Boriskaya. If you are up to date with episode four, Tommy canceled Christmas on Borkisaya her crew after the Serbs […] More

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    Tommy Egan Cancels Christmas On Milan’s Wife Tatiana Boriskaya In Power Book IV: Force Episode 4

    In season two of the Original Power series Milan also known as Dean Chefe, is a Serbian cannibalistic drug kingpin and a primary antagonist of Power. He is the unseen general nemesis of Season 2 and one of the main enemies of season three, along with Kanan Stark and Felipe Lobos. It also serves as a […] More