Super Bowl Champion Jalen Ramsey Calls Cap After Lakers’ LeBron James Said That Sean McVay Was Stealing His Plays From Madden [Watch]

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It’s one of the most asked questions in sports regarding Lakers forward LeBron James. He is often asked what he would be as a football player rather than playing basketball and talking about if he could have played in the NFL.

But if you ask Jalen Ramsey who would win a one-on-one in the red zone, he has no doubt he would shut down James. Ramsey and LeBron discussed this hypothetical scenario about the release of “The Shop” of Thursday’s Packers-Titans game and Ramsey told LeBron he was going to close it.

“LeBron has no chance, I ain’t gonna lie. They be saying you’re a red zone threat? Bron, you would’ve got strapped. I would’ve put the paws on him at the line.”

Also, during TNF’s The Shop’s coverage, LeBron released a bold statement on the Los Angeles Rams stealing his Madden playbook and applying it to real-life situations in the game. Jalen Ramsey was in attendance during the show, and he couldn’t help but call LeBron on his statement:

“’Bron, you know what they saying on Twitter right now? They say you be cappin’,” Ramsey said.

Regarding LeBron James, Sonny Vaccaro recently shared with Scoop B Radio why James decided to sign with Nike instead of Adidas.

“I was told I had to give $100 million. So when the day comes… and that number was off the wall, and no one has ever gotten into the millions, I promise you… and when I got to the day to present to the James Family and everybody that was involved with him, his attorneys and everything at that time, it was Aaron Godwin and a man named Fred Schrye, who I knew very well because he worked with me, but I had nothing to do with it.”

“I only had what I did. We opened up the presentation and I’ve never seen it like LeBron and the number wasn’t. It totaled ours with incentives to $90 million. But it was incentives! They didn’t get the $90 million. And there was NO way they were going to get LeBron James for $70 million + incentives.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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