Snoop Dogg’s Favorite Moment With Kobe Bryant Was When He Gave Snoop’s Son A Great Conversation

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It has been two years since the passing of Kobe Bryant and eight other passengers, including his daughter Gigi in a helicopter accident on their way to the Mamba Academy, now known as the Sports Academy.

On Wednesday evening Snoop Dogg was a guest in Behind The Vest in Druski’s room on Clubhouse. Mikey Jets asked Snoop Dogg to share his favorite Kobe Bryant memory during the conversation.

“2016, after he retired, one of my homies hooked up with his people, and I wanted to give him a car. The car I had made was a low rider with his picture, Chick Hearn, and all of the great Lakers on its back. So I went and had all the Lakers sign it all of the greats,” said Snoop.

“So, this n*** took a helicopter from Orange County to Inglewood to come to see me. I picked him up from the airport in the low rider who had a camera in the car: me and this n*** riding from Inglewood airport to the Compound. People pulled up on the side of us, looking at Snoop and Kobe riding in the low rider. He ain’t never been in a low rider, he got his hands on his knees, I’m like n*** put your hands out the window.”

He added, ” He came to my spot and took a picture with everybody. People who clean my studio bragging that Kobe Bryant came to them and asked for a picture because they didn’t want to violate and feel like they would get fired. I’m like, I don’t get down like that. So this n*** went to them, and I had the trap kitchen making them pineapple bowls.

“This n*** took two pineapple bowls and took one home with him. He came to my studio, and he gave my son one of the best conversations you would want your friend to give to your son. I’m like, this is so beautiful that Kobe is telling you s*** I have been telling your mother***** a** for years, and now he is telling you, and you will listen now. Because this is this n***.”

Last year, Kobe Bryant took his rightful place in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame as a part of the 2020 class.

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Written by Landon Buford

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