Seattle Mariners Fans Lobby for Shohei Ohtani in Anticipation of Free Agency

The impending free agency of two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani has captured the attention of baseball fans worldwide, with fans of the Seattle Mariners already making their voices heard. Ohtani, currently a standout player for the Los Angeles Angels in the same division as the Mariners, recently earned his third All-Star nod and started as the American League’s designated hitter in this year’s MLB All-Star Game at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park. The enthusiastic Mariners fan base seized this opportunity to passionately express their desire for Ohtani to join their team, creating an incredible atmosphere during the game. As Ohtani’s contract with the Angels approaches its end, the prospect of him landing in Seattle has fans buzzing with excitement.

During the All-Star Game, as Ohtani stepped up to the plate for his first at-bat, a resounding chant reverberated through the stadium: “Come to Seattle!” The majority-Mariners fan crowd repeatedly called out, urging the superstar to consider joining their team. This fervent display of support caught the attention of Ohtani, whose contract situation with the Angels will make him a highly sought-after free agent after the season.

Although focused on the game, Ohtani couldn’t help but acknowledge the passionate chants from the crowd. Speaking through a translator, he expressed his surprise at the overwhelming reception: “Never experienced anything like that, but I definitely heard it. I was just trying to focus on my at-bat and the game.” Ohtani further praised the Mariners’ passionate fan base, highlighting their dedication and the impressive atmosphere at T-Mobile Park. He also mentioned his fondness for the city, having spent offseasons in Seattle previously.

During Ohtani’s transition to Major League Baseball from Japan, the Seattle Mariners were among the teams vying for his services. As Ohtani hits the open market once again, it is expected that Seattle will be a prominent suitor for the talented two-way player. The fans’ impassioned pleas for Ohtani’s arrival in Seattle demonstrate their enthusiasm and the strong desire to see him don the Mariners’ uniform and become a fixture in the Pacific Northwest for years to come.

Seeing Ohtani donning the All-Star uniform in the familiar Northwest Green color during the All-Star festivities undoubtedly sparked dreams among Mariners fans. The prospect of Ohtani signing with Seattle and showcasing his exceptional skills in the Pacific Northwest has ignited the imaginations of Mariners supporters. The combination of Ohtani’s remarkable talents and the vibrant Seattle fan base creates an enticing vision for the future of the franchise.

As Shohei Ohtani’s free agency approaches, the anticipation among baseball fans continues to grow. The passionate fans of the Seattle Mariners have wasted no time in voicing their desire to see Ohtani wearing their team’s uniform. The chants of “Come to Seattle!” during the MLB All-Star Game exemplify the fervor and excitement surrounding the potential acquisition of this extraordinary player. While the outcome of Ohtani’s free agency remains uncertain, Mariners fans remain hopeful that their team will have the opportunity to secure his services and witness his unparalleled skills on the field for years to come.

On Monday afternoon a member of the local Seattle media asked Ohtani about playing in Seattle next season.

After that Ohtani shrugged his shoulders and laughing like will see.

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