Ray Allen on Klay Thompson “Mirrors kind of the way I played.”


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Basketball Hall of Famer Ray Allen said last week during an interview with Brandon Scoop B Robinson that Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson is one of the best players in the NBA and “mirrors kind of the way I played.”

Like Allen, Thompson is a player that does not need much space to get his shot off behind the three-point line. Both are two of the best three-point marksman that this league has ever seen.  Allen is currently at the top of the all-time three-point list with 2,973, while Thompson is now in 17th with 1,726.  The Golden State Warriors do not run their offense through Thompson like Ray, most of his usage is coming off screens as the opposing team’s game plan is centered around paying attention to Stephen Curry, who is third on the all-time three-point list and two-time Finals MVP Kevin Durant. 

This season Thompson is averaging 21.8 points,  four rebounds, 2.3 assists, and 1.1 steals per game for the Warriors.  As for Ray Allen, he averaged 18.9 points, 4.1 rebounds,  and 3.4 assists over his 19 years in the NBA.

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Written by Landon Buford

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