Raising Kanan’s Patina Miller Talks About Being Able To Relate To Sock & Battery Scene From Season One


During the first episode of Power Book III: Raising Kanan. Kanan Stark was beaten up at the neighborhood park by some bullies and took his money while his cousin Jukebox was held back. Stark would then run home and then run upstairs with his mother Raquel Thomas went upstairs after him.

She would ask him what happened and then asked if he was showing his money; he said no, and then she proceeded to let him know he was talking about it. Is she talking to him? She grabbed a sock, put batteries in it from a toy car, tied it up, and said we were going back to that park.

Thomas told Kanan, “Deal with them or deal with me, but there’s no running when it comes to me. Get yours boy!”

So, Stark went back up to the individuals who beat him up, hit them with a sock filled with batteries, and made a name for himself.

“Southside Jamaica Queens 1985, that’s the first time my name rang out, and it ain’t stop ranging since,” said 50 Cent as the elder Kanan Stark.

Speaking of Raquel Thomas, the actress who plays her Patina Miller was a recent guest on The Crew Has it with Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo. During her appearance, Miller was asked about the who sock sequence.

“The sock the battery like Raq does at the beginning like that went crazy. Then I was sitting watching all the comments like people saying, ” Oh my God, ” and my grandmother used to like, ” Oh my God, that happened to me,” said Miller.

“I’m, really damn, right, but I get it… Don’t get beat up, no, you better do something, or when you come home, so I knew that moment because I heard my mom say something like that. Don’t you cry?”

In a different segment of the interview, Miller shared that she found out about landing her role as Raquel Thomas during the wrapping of Madam Secretary.

“I’m shooting the last two days on Madam Secretary, and they say series [wrapping] Patina, and then I get a phone call. I go into my dressing room, and it’s my agent and my managers saying congratulations,” said Miller.

Season two of Raising Kanan premieres on August 14 on Starz.

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Written by Landon Buford

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