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Pistons Legend Isiah Thomas Wants Hornets’ Governor Michael Jordan To Apologize For His Comments In ESPN Doc ‘The Last Dance’

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It’s the beef that goes on forever.

Isiah Thomas lit a fire under his long feud with his rival Michael Jordan in recent comments deploring Thomas’ depiction of Jordan in the documentary ESPN “The Last Dance.

“Thomas made his comments by talking to Cosmote TV from Greece, which owns the broadcast rights of the country’s NBA.

This is guy, which Thomas is referring to is Michael Jordan, “When I was watching “The Last Dance,” I’m sitting there, and I’m watching it with my family, and I’m thinking everything is good,” Thomas said, per EuroHoops. “And then this guy comes on television and he says that he hates me, and then he calls me an a**hole.

“And then I proceed to watch a whole documentary about him being an a**hole. I’m like wait a minute, time out. Until I get a public apology, this beef is gonna go on for a long, long time, cause I’m from the west side of Chicago.”

This basketball vendetta dates back to the late ’80s and early ’90s. It is 2022, and neither party has backtracked. Thomas even promoted his recent Twitter posts.

The comments with which Thomas objects come from Jordan’s statement in “The Last Dance,” a series aired over two years ago in April-May 2020. The rivalry between Jordan’s Chicago Bulls and Thomas’ Detroit Pistons was a centerpiece of the series’ history.

In this one, Thomas tackled a flash point in their relationship when the Pistons stepped out of the court without shaking hands after the Bulls swept them into the 1991 Eastern Conference finals. The Pistons had defeated the Bulls in the final two conference finals heading to the NBA championships.

Jordan took the snub as a sign of disrespect and has held a grudge against Thomas in the decades since. He criticized Thomas during his 2009 Hall of Fame induction speech. He famously froze out Thomas from the 1992 Dream Team Olympics.

Thomas explained the walk off during “The Last Dance” as simply part of the basketball culture of the time dating back to the previous Detroit playoff series with Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics.

“Knowing what we know now, and the aftermath of what took place, I think all of us would have stopped and said ‘Hey, congratulations,’ like they do now,” Thomas said. “We would have did it, of course we would have done it. But during that period of time, that’s just not how it was passed.

“When you lost, you left the floor. That was it.”

Jordan was not interested in Thomas’ explanation when a producer prompted him to comment in “The Last Dance.” Jordan would proceed to call Thomas an “a**hole.”

On an of All The Smoke, Charles Oakley shared, “Mike [Michael Jordan] does not want to be your friend Isiah.”

“Now, he is trying to say everybody is better than Mike. It’s okay you aren’t better than Mike. He came to your city and took your city. That’s why you are really mad because took over Chicago,” said Oakley.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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