Patrick Mahomes Is The Best Start To A NFL Career We’ve Ever Seen

The NFL is king of overreaction and it’s very easy to be a prisoner of the moment in this league. But this is no overreaction. This is obvious.

Patrick Mahomes is the best start to an NFL career we’ve ever seen. 

Yes, I know there has been legendary starts to NFL careers. For example, Randy Moss tallied over 4100 yards receiving and 43 TDs his first 3 years in the NFL which helped the Vikings to two NFC championship games in three playoff appearances. That’s insane. Ridiculous. Tom Brady was drafted in 2000 but his career officially started in 2001 which led to leading the Patriots to 3 Super Bowls in 4 years. Some players have 10+ years in the NFL and not even fortunate to make the playoffs.

But we’ve never seen anything like Patrick Mahomes II.

QB Patrick Mahomes was drafted in the 1st round by the Chiefs in 2017 and became the Chiefs official starter in 2018樂威壯 . What we’ve seen since has been unbelievable. His 1st year as the Chiefs signal caller, he became the youngest player ever at the time to win NFL MVP throwing for 50 TDs and 5,097 yards passing. Just to put it in perspective, only 2 players have passed for 50+ TDs. Tom Brady accomplished the feat in his 8th year (7th year starting) and Peyton Manning did it in his 16th year. Mahomes accomplished the feat in his 2nd year (1st year starting) in the NFL. He also became 7th player to ever throw for 5K yards in one season, making him the youngest player ever to accomplish the feat.

There’s also this after Super Bowl LIV, per Jeff Allen.

The last time the Chiefs advanced to an AFC Championship Game? The NFL season of 1993. The last time the Chiefs hosted an AFC 日本藤素 Championship Game? Never.

The last time the Chiefs been in the Super Bowl? 50 years ago and they won against the Vikings.

That’s how great and efficient Patrick Mahomes has been for this team in his first 3 years (2 starting). He’s only scratching the surface at 24 years old.

This stat from Bleacher Report also shows how clutch he was in 2019 when his team needed him the most.

He even beat the Madden curse. That’s how good he is.

And barring injuries and salary cap, he & the Kansas City Chiefs made have something special going in the AFC. Yes, the Ravens have a good roster and 2020 MVP Lamar Jackson but until he wins in January, the Chiefs will be the favorite in the AFC. Tom Brady is in the NFC now. Ben Roethlisberger is 38, coming off a season ending injury, and the Steelers are not in the best cap situation. The Texans have a stud in Deshaun Watson but unfortunately Bill O’Brien is still their head coach and now GM. 

It’s Patrick Mahomes world, and we’re just living it in. Let’s see what 2020 holds for the young superstar.

What do you think?

Written by Byron Nelson

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