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Nets’ Sean Marks Took Care Of Steve Nash, Says Shaquille O’Neal

PHOENIX, AZ – APRIL 25: Steve Nash #13 of the Phoenix Suns during the NBA game against the San Antonio Spurs at US Airways Center on April 25, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Spurs defeated the Suns 110-106. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Last week, the Brooklyn Nets announced that they would be hiring Hall of Fame point guard, Steve Nash as their next head coach, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Per Wojnarowski, Nets owner Joe Tsai and general manager Sean Marks, have been trying to convince Nash to be their head coach weeks. Before both sides agreed to a four year deal.

“After meeting with a number of highly accomplished coaching candidates from diverse backgrounds, we knew we had a difficult decision to make,” Marks said in a news release. “In Steve we see a leader, communicator and mentor who will garner the respect of our players. I have had the privilege to know Steve for many years. One of the great on-court leaders in our game, I have witnessed first hand his basketball acumen and selfless approach to prioritize team success. His instincts for the game, combined with an inherent ability to communicate with and unite players towards a common goal, will prepare us to compete at the highest levels of the league.”

This will be Nash’s first position as a head coach in any capacity.

 “I am honored to have this opportunity with such a first-class organization and would like to thank Sean, Joe and his wife, Clara, for having faith in my ability to lead this team forward,” Nash said in a statement.

“Coaching is something I knew I wanted to pursue when the time was right, and I am humbled to be able to work with the outstanding group of players and staff we have here in Brooklyn. I am as excited about the prospects of the team on the court as I am about moving to Brooklyn with my family and becoming impactful members of this community.”

According to Nash’s former teammate with the Phoenix Suns, Shaquielle O’Neal, he was unaware that Nash wanted to coach. O’Neal was a guest on THE BIG BIG BIG SHOW with Fat Joe and was asked about Brooklyn hiring Steve Nash.

“I never knew that he wanted to be a coach,” said Shaq. “He’s a great guy, a great person. Listen, you know, and I know it is all about who you know, and Sean Marks played with Steve [Nash]. He is running things up in Brooklyn now, so he took care of his guy. I would have liked to see Mark Jackson get a shot. I wanted Mark Jackson, B Shaw [Brian Shaw], Ty Lue, who has championship experience.”

Mark Jackson wants to coach again, and made it clear on a Instagram Live with Reggie Miller last month.

“I look forward to the day, I’m coaching again,” said Jackson.

Meanwhile, Stephen A. Smith called the Nash hiring “white privilege” with other candidates available such as Tyronn Lue and Mark Jackson were available.

“This is one of the toughest positions I’ve ever had to take,” Smith said on First Take. “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no way around this. This is white privilege. This does not happen for a Black man.”

Comments that he took heat for from Charles Barkley and Jay Williams.

“Come on SA,” Williams tweeted. “Steve Nash being chosen over Mark Jackson/Ty Lue is not “White Privilege”.. 2 superstar black athletes ultimately made the decision & we know who they are and what they are about.”

Nash does have a prior relationship with Kevin Durant when he was a consultant for the Warriors, he would like to get to know Irving better, Nash said to The Undefeated’s Marc Spears on Wednesday.

“(KD) is one of the greatest players I’ve ever seen and to have his confidence is really important,” 威而鋼 rie-irving-nets”>Nash said. “There is a respect and admiration there for me.

“For me and Ky, our relationship is important. He is the (point guard) and樂威壯 I’m the coach and I’m thrilled I get the opportunity to know him better and to understand him, how he plays & what he sees & be here to help him refine his gifts.”

Meanwhile, Barkley was disappointed with Stephan A. Smith mentions of ‘white privilege’ as it relates to Nash being hired.

“I was very disappointed in some of the guys on television today talking about white privilege. Very disappointed,” Barkley said on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” on Thursday. “They’re like, ‘Well, this doesn’t happen to Black guys.’ And I’m like, ‘It happened to Doc Rivers. It happened to Jason Kidd. It happened to Derek Fisher.’

“When you have a responsibility, especially when you have to talk about something as serious as race, you can’t be full of crap,” Barkley said. “You’ve got to be honest and fair.

“Steve Nash is a great player and a good dude. But I was so disappointed in some of these guys. I was like, ‘Dude, Black guys have done this before.’ Now, do we need more Black coaches in the NBA? Yes. Do we need more Black coaches in college football? Yes. Do we need more Black coaches in pro football. Yes.”

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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