NBAPA & Michele Roberts Blasted by Former Houston Rocket


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The higher-ups in professional sports are now taking mental health very seriously.

Earlier this month, the National Basketball Association installed mental health policies for the upcoming 2019-20 season. The newly implemented system requires all 30 teams in the NBA, to have at least one mental health specialist on staff, along with a licensed psychiatrist to address mental health issues. Cavaliers forward Kevin Love and Spurs DeMar DeRozan have become the poster-children for the NBA’s mental health push. Recently Las Vegas Aces center Liz Cambage has also called for the same program to be implemented in the WNBA. In an article in The Players’ Tribune last week, as she admitted to mental health led to her to miss two games earlier this month.

This past weekend, former NBA forward Royce White, who is currently playing in the Big 3. White spoke about it at lengths with the media. During the interview, the former Rocket weighs-in on the NBAPA and it’s Executive Director Michele Roberts.

NBAPA is a joke! Michele Roberts is the token black woman, that they put in place to pacify the players because she is the black mother that they never had type of deal. She is the legal expert black mother that we wish we had. I don’t wish that, my mother was competent, and she put Forty Million Dollar Slaves in my room. When I was eight-year-old, and Michele Roberts is one of them.

She was selected I don’t know if you know how they select the director of the union, but you should go check that out. It is not by accident, she is there, and it is not by accident she didn’t make a real stink about the mental policy. Did you hear Michele Roberts make a major comment about the league saying that her black players would fake mental illnesses?

Former Chicago Bull Jason Caffey recently released a book entitled “Richard and The Boyz: The Puberty Experience.”

Caffey appeared on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, back in June and discussed former teammate, Dennis Rodman. “He was just different,” Caffey said of Rodman

“I can’t go into analyzing him psychologically because I’m not a doctor, but what you and I spoke on yesterday. I told you some things that could be possibly true because I suffer from some of it. Speaking for myself you know back then in the league [NBA] if you had a mental illness nobody really cared or had enough knowledge to know what was going on. Nobody cared [ If ] you were straight or crazy. Dennis was always considered crazy by so many people just because of the image he gives. He’s a very smart man. In no way shape or form was he crazy, but he has his own ways to do things.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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