Mickie James Responds To Bayley’s Praise Of Her Lock Room Leadership

Earlier this year former women’s champion Bayley praised six-time women’s  Mickie James on her veteran leadership in the women’s locker room. During the WWE’s invasion of Dallas, Texas back in March as the company was repping up promotion Wrestlemania.

Bayley also discussed some of the things she has been able to learn from James since she returned to the company’s main roster on January 17, 2017.

“Having her here is a fantastic opportunity. When she came back to Smackdown, I was jealous of the women division there because they had competed against one of businesses OGs. Not that she is old or anything, but I grew up with her and Trish Stratus. They both had a great storyline, and I learned a lot from their contributions to the company from a character standpoint and techniques inside of the ring. Since she came over to Raw, it challenges us to approach things differently. I wanted to pick her brain since she has seen the evolution of the business with her OBW background,” Bayley told me.

Well last month following WWE Raw in Dallas, I had the opportunity to ask Mickie what she thought about Bayley’s comments on her locker room leadership.

“It’s incredible. I think it’s humbling and it’s an incredible honor. I think that it has always been prominent in the male locker room. They have always had the tiers of veteran leadership from the individuals who have been there for 12 years to mentoring the upcoming talent. Now, to have that in the female locker room provides strong leadership to younger female talent who are now just coming up. Hopefully, I can encourage them through our life experiences to not make some of the same mistakes that we’ve made in the past. Both inside and outside of the ring it’s a massive benefit for them because a lot of the time they learn by trial and error”, James Told me.

She would continue “Hopefully, if you have someone who’s already been there, done that, then you could learn from those mistakes or learn from all the successes they have had in the business. You can be so successful if you use those lessons in your own career.  So, to answer your question I am incredibly honored, and I love Bayley so much. She is such a good person, super sweet, and she loves wrestling. Like, loves it within her deepest part of her soul. She’s great, always very complimentary and very respectful in the locker room.”

James will be competing next week along with her partner Bobby Lashley in the mixed match challenge against Natalya Neidhart and a partner to be named after Kevin Owens went down with an injury last Monday.  Who will Nattie pick? Your guess is a good as mine. We will just have to see how things turn out.


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Written by Landon Buford

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