Michael Jordan is ‘Just Not a Nice Person’, Says Grammy Winning Songwriter

The highly anticipated documentary ‘The Last Dance’ began with Michael Jordan addressing Bulls management [general manager Jerry Krause] wanting to break the team up and rebuild.

So, throughout the first episode, MJ [Michael Jordan] took shots at Krause. At the 10:42 mark of the episode, Jordan was asked what the Bulls’ biggest problem would be during the 1997-98 season, and he “um” as he looked up at Krause’s office. Later on in the episode, Jordan asked Krause if the pills he was taken were to keep him short or diet pills.

“So those are pills you take to keep you short. Or are those diet pills?”

Malik Yusef who is a six-time Grammy Award Winning songwriter, producer, and artist. He has worked on some of your favorite albums, such as Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ and Kanye’s ‘My Beautiful Twisted Fantasy.’ He is a Chicago native and can attest to Jordan not being a nice person behind the scenes.

“Watching over Scottie’s people until they started winning championships and then they were able to move into a better neighborhood. My request for Scottie was to introduce and let me meet Michael Jordan. Things transpired from there one of my big homies Dae Dae and other my big homie Rock used to hold him down heavy. As I got the opportunity to be around Michael Jordan, I begin to realize that I did not particularly like him as a person. He is rough to deal with and unwieldy, and he is mean, especially to a kid, me being a teenager. He was doing what superstars do in his position, and as I got older and got into the entertainment space. I begin to work with his company Brand Jordan, and I am mentored by his mentor, which is H White, and I had a very close friend at Brand Jordan,” Yusef told

“This individual had one floor in the Jerry Rice building in Beaverton, Oregon, and I used to go there all the time. When they started Brand Jordan and Jump Man 23, I remember they added denim and leather jackets for Michael to mirror his style. I had the Jordan jackets and jerseys. I was there seeing the boots and shoes being made my man Kenny ‘Red’ Jones… Shoutout  Kenny Red and Gentry Humphrey, those are my guys.”

Yusef Helped mentor Jordan’s oldest son.

“Mike and I had a little bit of business in 2004, and I helped out at the James R. Jordan Boys & Girls Club on the westside such as Christmas events and things for the kids. One of Juanita Jordan[ Jordan’s ex-wife] nieces is a very close friend of mine, and her nephew, who was deaf, went to school with my big brother, who is also deaf and were friends. I also had the opportunity to mentor Jordan’s oldest son [Jeffery Jordan] and, at the time, wanted to be a spoken word poet.”

Yusef and Jordan Played Ball one Time

“I remember playing ball with him one time, and he was tough on me, and I’m a professional basketball player by any means, but he was tough on me, though.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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