Mavs’ Mark Cuban Still Not A Fan Of NBA In Season Tournament

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Earlier this season NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver shared that the league is still interested in adding an in-season tournament.

However, according to The Score, it faces at least one major obstacle before tinkering with the regular-season schedule: the support of the players themselves.

“We have a fair amount of work still to do on it – and a lot of convincing to do. I know that for some of the players I’ve talked to directly, they have trouble envisioning the benefit of another form of competition when they’re so focused on the Larry O’Brien Trophy and don’t necessarily see us being able to create a new tradition.”

One NBA governor who is not a fan of the in-season tournament is Mark Cuban. In a recent interview with FortyEightMinutes.

“Well, there’s the play-in tournament, which I liked. I just didn’t like last year with all the COVID issues. Okay, well, we just create a different level of pressure. But generally moving forward, I’m fine with it in a regular season,” said Cuban.

“In terms of an in-season tournament, I’m not a fan. I am definitely not a fan. It’s just I can see the Mavs just not participating at all or resting our best players because until they give me one of those things back there (points to trophy behind him) the Larry O’Brien for that, you know, the prize is the prize and you got to keep your eye on it.”

A couple of years ago, Chicago Bulls guard DeMar DeRozan shared that he is ‘not a fan.’

“It’s tough to ask me because I am old school. I don’t like it. I have been in the league for eleven years. Maybe I would have a different opinion If I was a rookie or second-year player, but the game is the way it is for a reason. It has been that way from the beginning and not much has changed. So, I’m not a fan of it,” said DeRozan.

The Dallas Mavericks take on the Denver Nuggets on Friday night in the Mile High City at 10 PM EST on ESPN.

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Written by Landon Buford

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