Mavs Legend Dirk Nowitzki Wore The Iconic 41 Because Robert Pack Had 14 With The Mavericks [Watch]

Dallas Mavericks legend and future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki was recently was named to the NBA’s top 75 list. In a recent video released by the NBA Philippines Twitter page, Nowitzki shared the backstory of choice to wear the number 41 in the NBA.

“So, I played with number 14 in Germany, and when I started playing basketball, I had eleven. So, I saw Charles Barkley wearing number 14 in the Olympics in 92 in Barcelona, and loved Charles at the time as well, so I switched to 14, said Nowitzki.

“Robert Pack at the time had 14 and didn’t want to give the number up to a rookie, so IO ended up flipping the number to 41.

Dirk Nowitzki was recently on Twitter Spaces and shared his favorite moment playing against the Late Great Kobe Bryant.

“I have a crazy Kobe story, and we played them in LA one year. I don’t know if you guys remember this, but he outscored the entire Mavs team through three quarters. I think he had 63 or something as we as a team had 62. He did not play the entire fourth quarter, and he could have easily had 80 that night,” said Nowitzki.

“He was on an insane tear that season. In one of the situations, we had him trapped in the corner, and he couldn’t go and shoot over his man, and the shot clock was going down. So he turn over his left shoulder to shoot with his right. And he turned around and shot a three out of the corner with the left like he has done it a million times, and it went it. We were all looking at each other like this guy is from another planet, making it look easy. He was the one guy I always used to make sure I watched. I used to rush home after games, sometimes here central time to watch him finish games in LA. I was a huge Kobe fan, and of course, it was a huge tragedy a few years ago.”

Dirk Nowitzki will be having his jersey by the Mavericks on January 5th.

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Written by Landon Buford

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