Mavs’ God Shammgod A Future Head Coach? One NBA Insider Thinks So!

Courtesy of God Shammgod

It has been six years since the Dallas Mavericks hired God Shammgod as the NBA’s only ballhandling coach.

“My perspective was that if we can help a player improve his handles, it can be the difference between preventing a turnover or not, or allowing him to add an offensive sequence that could win games for us,” Mavericks owner Mark Cuban writes in an email, according to the Washington Post. “So we hired Sham. Turned out to be a great move.”

During his time in Dallas, Shammgod has worked with Harrison Barnes, Wesley Matthews, Tim Hardaway Jr, Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis, and more.

“Luka ill with it. Luka is a person like if you are a painter and somebody gave you a blank canvas. This canvas has all the potential to be whatever you want it to be,” says Shammgod.

“Luka is that. He has all this talent that any little thing I give him, any big thing I give him, he takes it to the next level. It is like from one year to the next us changing his angles and telling him different angle points, all you got to do is tell him one time and next you thing you know he is doing it.”

The New York Native is known as one of the city point gods because of his dribbling ability even has a crossover named after him called ‘The Shammgod.’ However, according to an NBA Insider named Champ, he will also be known as a head coach one day.

“Shammgod the move “parallels “The Smitty” created by Stevie Smith and the Euro Step like Manu Ginobili. On Top of his move, Shammgod is a great basketball mind & will be a future NBA head coach very soon,” Champ tells by phone.

Shammgod was recently featured in the Showtime documentary “NYC Point God.”

In a recent interview with the Providence Journal where shared, “If you didn’t have a point guard from New York you weren’t really in the game,” Shammgod said. “Grit, toughness, knowledge of the game, so much heart — that’s what we had.” 

Looking forward to the near future, Shammgod and the rest of Jason Kidd’s coaching staff are looking to get the Mavericks back to the Western Conference Finals and even reach the finals next season.

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Written by Landon Buford

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