Luka Doncic Is Opening Doors For Other International Players & The NBA Is Lucky To Have Him, Says Zaza Pachulia

Photo Credit – LM Otero, AP

Dallas Mavericks and the Detriot Pistons will face each other for the two and final time this season tonight at Little Caesars Area. Meaning this will be the last time the city of Detriot will have the opportunity to see rookie sensation Luka Doncic up close.


During the first meeting was in Dallas this past Friday (January 25th,2019), which features Blake Griffin poured in 35 points as he went over the 30 point plateau for the sixth time in six games.  He also grabbed seven rebounds and dished out four assists in 40 minutes of play.  Pistons’ center Andre Drummond a solid outing in his return from injury as he played 38 minutes and scored 23 points, captured 15 rebounds and added three steals.

As for Luka Doncic, He was able to eclipse the 30 point mark as he poured in 32 points while grabbing eight rebounds, and eight assists in 35 minutes. While Dennis Smith Jr. scored 19 points, dished out five assists, and collected two rebounds.

Earlier in the day, I spoke to former Dallas Maverick Zaza Pachulia and he shared his thoughts on Luka Doncic’s season thus far.


“I’m really happy for him for multiple reasons. First of all, I like him as a player at the age of 19 doing things that he did prior to coming to the NBA overseas in Europe. I watched his Euroleague games and European Championship games. So, it is pretty impressive not only playing at a high level, but helping the team win as well. Getting the MVP that is pure talent, heart, and confidence. You can tell that he had this already before he entered the league and before he played his first game there were a lot of questions about if he could adapt to the NBA game.  If you have talent you can play anywhere and he has proven that. Also, He is opening doors for international players and the NBA is lucky to have a player like Luka. I’m sure he will have a bright future and a long career,” said Pachulia.

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Written by Landon Buford

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