JJ Barea Addresses Media For The First Time, Since Having Surgery

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Recently Dallas Mavericks’ back up point guard JJ Barea suffered a rupture of his right Achilles tendon. The injury occurred in the fourth quarter of the Mavericks’ 119-115 victory at Minnesota. A few days later, the Mavericks released an update stating the Barea underwent surgery to repair the rupture of his right Achilles tendon.

Dr. Eugene Curry and Dr. Daniel Worrel were the two surgeons, who performed the procedure at the  Carrell Clinic in Dallas.

Barea was having a solid season for the Mavericks this season off the bench, as he averaged 10.9 points, 5.6 assists and 19.8 minutes per game. Through the first 38 games before he went down with the injury.  Earlier this afternoon after the morning shootaround, JJ Barea shared with the media, that his recovery time could take 6-10 months it just depends.

“It depends it’s going to be 6-9 months, maybe even ten, it just depends. Everything looks great, and I feel better than I thought I was going to feel,  and then ‘some’ body wise. It is going to be a new thing for me trying to get ready and get back to work, “says Barea.

Last year, Mavericks’ shooting guard Wesley Matthews went down with the same injury that Barea is currently dealing with, and they have both been discussing things since Matthews is familiar.

“He was great! He has been talking to me he went through it, and we all know the fighter he is. So, I am going to keep talking to him and asking him questions when I start working, but he has been awesome,” said Barea.

Matthews gave Barea some words of encouragement ” You are going to be back 100 percent, just think positive, and you have to be patient. With this type of injury you have to be real patient, but every day it is going to get better. So, it is going to give you something to work on every day,” Matthews told Barea

Before this season started, I spoke with Matthews’ Pilates instructor, Jessica ‘The Core Expert™’ Schatz, and discussed the workout regime she put in place for Matthews.

“He wisely adds physical therapy and Pilates to his fitness regimen. Regular and early physical therapy with an experienced and skilled therapist and the instructor is an essential component to reduce the chance of re-injury while performing. Any recovery process should focus specifically on the injury itself, maintaining the strength of the surrounding muscles, as well as a range of motion, balance, and fine-tuning the specific motions used during regular activities,” said  Schatz.

She continued:

“He comes to Los Angeles often, and we continue to work on maintaining his fitness level, building strength, balance, and flexibility, and avoiding injury.”

Also, before the season started, I spoke with Matthews to see if he started trying to convert some of his teams to implement Pilates into their workout regimes moving forward.

“I am a firm believer of Pilates it strengthens every muscle in your body in ways that are difficult to train traditionally. There is never a dull moment because it always presents a challenge and for me I love it.” Said Matthews.
























He added:


“Injuries typically happen when there are small weaknesses in the muscles and parts of the body that you would not train. It is easy to train the big muscles, but to able to be strong in multiple positions that you cannot necessarily predict on the court. If you can find balance, strength, flexibility, and core stability, it gives you a shot to minimize the risk of injury.”

After the media scrum, I asked Barea if he would be implementing Pilates into his recovery regime ” Yes amongst other things, Barea told me.



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Written by Landon Buford

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