James Worthy Beat Michael Jordan In Three Out Of Five Games At UNC & Never Played Him Again ‘I Had The Edge’

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Los Angeles Lakers legend and member of the NBA’s Top 50 and 75 list James Worthy was the latest legend to be asked questions on NBA Twitter Spaces. Yahoo’s NBA Insider Chris Haynes was asking questions to Worthy and NBA trainer, Bone Collector.

During the chat, Haynes asked Worthy did it reach a point at North Carolina when there was a passing the mantle in college to Michael Jordan like Magic and Bird did in the NBA.

“When Michael Jordan came to North Carolina I was there my All-American roommate Sam Perkins was there. Jimmy Black from the Bronx who was our senior leader and we had just lost to Isiah Thomas and the Indiana Hoosiers the year before. So, we were on a mission when Michael came in. He fit right in and if you did not know him, I had met him before on his recruiting trip, but he was full of life and confidence. If you did not know it, you would say who is this arrogant dude,” said Worthy.

However, he let it be known that he was coming loud and clear. I was the best guy on the team at the time. So, the first thing he wanted to do was seek out the best player and he realized that was me. I was a junior and he was a freshman, but he was bullying me. He was like come on young fella. He called me young fella let’s go play one-on-one. He always wanted to measure his game. I think out of five on ones, I think I beat him three out of five times, and I never played him again because I had the edge, but he was a confident dude.”

Worthy added, “He had a lot of talent, but coach Dean Smith gave him that science and theory that blended with his natural talent, and once he understood that he was hard to deal with.”

Though Worthy held the record against the Jumpman in one on one competition, Jordan got the last laugh as he was able to beat Worthy and the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1991 Finals. Bringing Chicago it’s first of six NBA Championships in the 90s.

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Written by Landon Buford

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