Is Vince Carter The Modern Day Warren Moon? A Former Teammate Thinks So!

Former slam dunk champion Vince Carter will embark on his 21st season in the NBA as a member of the Atlanta Hawks. The team is being built around former Oklahoma Sooner point guard Trae Young and a rising star in Tauren Prince along with sophomore Center John Collins.

Carter knows that the Hawks brought him in to provide veteran leadership on a young developing team.

“They say lead by your actions, but I’m going to (speak up) to these guys,” Vince Carter told USA Today’s, Dan Wolken.

“I want these guys to understand their importance. This is the foundation of what you want to be a part of in a couple of years. So, OK, after two weeks maybe we lost four in a row. Are you tired of losing? Let’s fix the problem. Let’s fix our approach. Let’s go a little harder, whatever the case may be, that’s what we’re trying to change, which will hopefully roll over.”

Mikki Moore, who was a teammate of Carter during his time in New Jersey as a part of the  New Jersey Nets at the time. He was a guest on the Scoop B Radio Podcast with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, and he is not surprising that Carter is still in the NBA.

“Vince could play football, baseball, and basketball right now if he wanted to,” Moore told Robinson

“Dude is talented at all three sports, no lie.  I think Vince might be better at baseball than basketball.  We did an event for the New York Yankees, and he was knocking the ball out of the park, just playing around.  He and T-Mac are unbelievably athletic; it runs in their genes, I don’t understand it.”

T-Mac is a member of the 2017 Class of Hall Famers, and Carter cousin both were teammates for two seasons before T-Mac left and signed with the Magic in 2001.

The full conversation between Moore and Brandon Robinson can be seen here.

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Written by Landon Buford

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