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Four-Time NBA All-Star Luka Doncic Links With Well-Known Overwatch Streamer During Recent Game Play [Watch]

Dallas Mavericks four time All-Star Luka Doncic was recently playing Overwatch under the Username “Donatello,” and he ran into Overwatch steamer m0xyy during a high ranking match.

During that match Doncic asked m0xyy if it was really him, and when he responded by saying maybe the Dallas Mavericks guard said it is you I can hear your voice. Then m0xyy asked Doncic if his username was his real name which he responded no.

The steamer then asked if Doncic had an hobbies?

“I play basketball.” Streamer (M0xyy):

On a team? You go to a gym?” Luka: “Dallas Mavericks.”

Streamer: “Mavericks? Like varsity, or?” Luka: “Yea man, for real.” Streamer: “When’s your birthday?”

Luka: “28th of February.”

Streamer: “I googled that… you’re actually right.” Luka: “I know. I’m him.”

Speaking of Doncic, he and his running mate Kyrie Irving on Tuesday night, dropped 62 combined points against the Utah Jazz, helping to secure a four-point [120-116] victory. It’s the 34th win for the Dallas Mavericks, who currently sit in the fifth spot in the western conference.

After the game, during his post-game press conference, Irving shared, “I think our championship aspirations are really close, but honestly, we gotta take it one day at a time. I would love to look in the future, I would love to be in the future, but I got to control the present moment and be there for my guys as much as they are for me.”

The Dallas Mavericks play the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday night as a part of a back to back.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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