Former Knick Charles Oakley’s Jaw Dropping Comments on Carmelo Anthony

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It has been nine-months since Carmelo Anthony has been an active member of an in NBA roster. After he was informed that Rockets general manager Daryl Morey no longer needed his services, earlier this month, Anthony was a guest on ESPN’s First Take with Stephen A. Smith.

“He came in and basically said, ‘Look, your services are no longer needed,'” Anthony said of his conversation with Morey. “I was like, ‘What? Hold up. What the hell are you talking about? … You telling me I can’t make a 9-, 10-man rotation on this team?'”

Last week, former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas broke down which team could us Melo’s skill set and how he could successful next season.

Go to the Lakers where you might come off the bench, but you are going to be the first option in the fourth quarter because that is what they are going to need from Melo. They need a 6’9 guy that can open up the floor, play your iso basketball, and that helps the rest of the Lakers. LeBron passes to everyone else, and you play iso basketball it all works. He goes to Houston and after ten games he is gone. Melo needs to be in a position where the last five minutes of the game he is the go-to guy.

On Saturday afternoon at the Big3 event in Dallas, former New York Knick Charles Oakley weighed on Carmelo Anthony playing next season.

I feel Melo should have never left New York. When you left New York you gave your power up and went to OKC and are the third option because you gave your option up. Now, you traded to Houston and they let you go. Melo has to look in the mirror and realize that there is something he hasn’t done while he was playing, while nobody wants him.

He got talent and yeah he can play, but these teams now, when you have them by the balls you get them, and when they get you by the balls they get you too. So, Melo gotta make a decision is going play with a team where he is only going to take three shots a game or is going to go to a team where he can take 15 a game. I hope somebody picks him up because he did a lot for the league. He is a great player, but A.I went out the same way.

Before the season ended in back in April, Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban shared with me that Melo has to fit a team specific need. In order to sign him that late in the season.

“This late in the season, unless you are really ready and have a specific need even after All-Star break. There has to be a team that has a need for his specific talent and he is A Hall of Famer, but like everyone else it’s it gotta be a fit,“ said Cuban.

Last week it was reported that Carmelo has been working out with Nets players.

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Written by Landon Buford

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