Ex-Player Says Stephen A. Smith Is Click Bait & Both Magic Johnson & Steph Curry Were Great In Their Times

In the world of sports commentary, few voices are as distinctive and polarizing as Stephen A. Smith’s. His energetic delivery, passionate opinions, and larger-than-life persona have made him a prominent figure in sports media. However, an anonymous former NBA player, who wishes to keep their identity hidden, shared a candid perspective with, criticizing Smith’s approach to discussing the NBA and the legends of the game.

The former NBA player expressed their views on Smith’s tendency to focus on past players and moments, suggesting that some of his commentary leans toward being clickbait. They pointed out that Smith, along with other veteran sports analysts, often devotes considerable airtime to discussing historical figures like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. While acknowledging the greatness of these players, the ex-NBA player feels that this emphasis comes at the cost of highlighting current stars who have left a significant impact on the game.

The former player highlighted the case of Magic Johnson, a legendary figure in NBA history. They asserted that instead of exclusively talking about Johnson’s greatness in his prime, discussions should also involve recognizing the ongoing contributions and influence of modern-day stars like Stephen Curry.

“Stephen A. smith is clickbait all these old senior citizens trying to hold on to the past. Instead of saying Magic Johnson is one of the all time greats. Stephen A. and the rest of the senior citizens that are talking sports they choose not to change the conversation.,” said the player.

“Magic Johnson was great in his time and he had a huge impact on the NBA. Steph Curry during his time has had a huge impact on the NBA and contrary to what anyone wants to say, everyone across the world plays the game of basketball like Steph Curry”

He added, “So, is that saying he’s better? No, but they both had a huge impact on the NBA. But Stephen A is clickbait, and he acts like a 17-year-old kid. Oh, I have Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson on speed dial. I got Jamie Foxx on speed dial, which makes me more credible because I have these people on speed dial. No, your show is a cartoon show, and it’s about ratings. You don’t want to talk about the game, and I can’t believe Michael Jordan fell for it.”

Stephen Curry’s rise to prominence and his transformative impact on the game of basketball were a focal point of the former player’s critique. They noted that Curry’s playing style has revolutionized the way the sport is played globally, with players from all corners of the world emulating his three-point shooting prowess. The ex-NBA player emphasized that acknowledging Curry’s influence doesn’t necessarily mean labeling him as better than past legends like Magic Johnson, but rather recognizing his unique contribution to the evolution of basketball.

The anonymous player also touched on their perception of Stephen A. Smith’s persona. They remarked on Smith’s claims of having influential figures on speed dial, suggesting that it can sometimes come across as a ploy to enhance credibility. The former player expressed skepticism about the authenticity of these claims and pointed out that Smith’s show often focuses on generating ratings and sensational content rather than thoughtful analysis of the game.

The player’s insights provided a fresh perspective on the world of sports commentary, shedding light on the challenges of balancing the history of the sport with its current state. The critique of Stephen A. Smith’s style underscores the evolving nature of sports media and the complex dynamic between past and present in the world of professional sports.

Written by Landon Buford

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