Ex NBA Veteran Sounds off on Kobe Bryant, and T-Mac

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When Gilbert Arenas name is mentioned fans either brings up the 60 point game against Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers on December 17, 2006. The other is the incident that occurred in 2009, between Arenas and Javaris Crittenton, where the two were in a standoff in the Wizards locker with guns. The whole event, according to their former teammate Caron Butler it started on the team plane after a card game. Crittenton felt Arenas pocketed $1,100 that he thought he should have paid him. Wizards’ Director of Pro Personnel, Antawn Jamison had to separate the two, but they continue to argue until they reach their destination. During the argument, according to Butler said Arenas:

“I’ll see your [expletive] at practice and you know what I do,” Gilbert said.

and Javaris replied,  “What the [expletive] you mean, you know what I do?” .

“I play with guns.” (Arenas)

“Well, I play with guns, too.” (Crittenton)

It turns out the two weren’t playing around because two days later Arenas showed up to practice with four guns, which he put on display for everyone to see.

“Hey, MF, come pick one,” Gilbert told Javaris while pointing to the weapons. “I’m going to shoot your [expletive] with one of these.”

“Oh no, you don’t need to shoot me with one of those,” said Javaris, turning around slowly like a gunslinger in the Old West. “I’ve got one right here.”

He pulled out his own gun, already loaded, cocked it, and pointed it at Gilbert.

The league later suspended the two for the remainder of the 2009-10 season. The ironic thing is Crittenton would later be convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 23 years, in 2015.

Another NBA career event that Arenas was, involved in the 62 point game that Tracy dropped on the Wizards on March 10, 2004, Mcgrady was a member of the Orlando Magic at the time.

“My teammates came to me and told me to get 60, then they told me to get 70,” McGrady said, laughing, after the game. “I was going for 70 and if I would have made my free throws, I would have had it. But this was a big night for me personally because it’s been a long season. It’s been a frustrating season, but this will give me a little boost.”

During a recent interview, Arenas answered a question of who kept him up the most before a game Kobe Bryant or Tracy McGrady.

The best part about this one is none because I didn’t have to guard them. So, being that I didn’t have to guard them I didn’t have to worry about the defensive responsibilities of trying to stop them. I was a part of the team that Tracy McGrady scored 60 on. It was my first year in Washington and it was phenomenal, and he should’ve had 70 that night. He was just missing free-throws 13 to be exact, which would’ve given him 70 plus if, he made them all.

Kobe Bryant was a whole different animal. When they were younger, it was hard to distinguish because they were both giving it there all. You could see that Kobe was a little bit less of the edge because he had Shaq putting up similar numbers, while T-Mac was doing it by himself. So, you said Kobe would be the harder player to stop, and when Shaq left, we were able to see it.

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Written by Landon Buford

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