Ex- NBA Vet Jamal Crawford Details Where He Would Like To See Spurs’ Guard Dejounte Murray Focus On This Off-Season

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On Monday, Memphis Grizzlies star guard Ja Morant won the NBA Most Improved Player award, winning 38 votes in the first place, while San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray finished second. Morant, who was told about the honor while practicing with his team.

Murray, on the other hand, wasn’t so thrilled. The Spurs star sent a cryptic tweet immediately after the news was announced that Morant won the Most Improved Player Award.

Murray’s tweet reads, ‘Only one player in NBA history has averaged 20 points per game, eight rebounds per game, nine assists per game, and two steals per game in a season (min 40 games).

Murray, who got exactly 20 votes in first and second place, is not glad he hasn’t received as much love as the Grizzlies star. However, the Spurs guard was very deserving as he averaged his career highs in points, bounces, assists, and robberies while making progress as a three-point shooter.

Murray was also named a first-time all-star as a replacement for Warriors forward Draymond Green earlier.

Since he was a kid, Jamal Crawford has been a mentor to Murray and was recently asked where he would like to see his game improve this off-season.

“I think dominating the mid-range area, and what I mean by that, not off the dribble. I suggest catching it off the elbow with his back to the basket because he is a good passer and most matches up in situations that work in his favor. After all, he’s such a tall point guard,” said Crawford.

“So, I think he can also dominate that area and continue [working on] his jumper. It’s amazing with him because you can look at the last two years, I know he finished second in Most Improve this year, but I think he was up for it last year. So, that tells you the jump even though he didn’t win the award the previous two years. So, the leap he has made the last two years and how he’s improved his game. He’s a star now, and now the rest of the world has found out about him. I’m so happy for him and knowing him, and he’s always trying to get better.”

Jamel Crawford recently announced that he was retiring from the NBA after 20 seasons in the NBA. He last played for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA Bubble in Orlando, Florida.

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Written by Landon Buford

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