Everything You Need to Know about 9/11 Survivors

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9/11 indeed caused a lot of destruction, and it was not about the loss of properties or wealth. The main loss was of lives. People of that region are not the same after that incident even though years have passed. Survivors need not just financial support; emotional support is also important for them.

We should appreciate the government’s efforts in this regard because concerned authorities have started different support programs for 9/11 survivors, which are proving quite helpful. In this blog, we have shared some important facts about survivors that are important to know, especially if you are planning to be a part of support campaigns. So let’s dive into the details:

The government has Started Various Support Programs for them

Do you know that the WTC VF fund was introduced in 2002? It is one of the best support programs, and volunteers are doing great work for survivors. Now, it is funded by New York State, and volunteers who lost their jobs or suffered from health-related problems are now getting compensated through monthly fixed deposits.

Everyone can participate in this fund, and ultimately, the survivors get the benefits. This is also true that the support program will continue for as long as the survivors need financial aid.

Law Protects them

If you are one of the 9/11 survivors and unable to continue the source of income due to disability, then you should contact a lawyer to help you get aid from the government. Law is there to protect and you can get your rights with the assistance of a lawyer. Law firms like Weisfuse & Weisfuse – 9/11 VCF Attorneys serve in this regard, so contacting the attorney can prove helpful if you are striving to get aid. You won’t have to go through a long process as most of the work will be done by an attorney, and you will get favorable results.

Disability Funds are proving Helpful

Most people became disabled due to the 9/11 incident, and they cannot do jobs, so supporting them for a better living is important. Disability funds are proving helpful for them because fundraisers usually conduct a survey at the end of each program to know survivors’ feedback, and they get positive feedback.

These funds are good enough to support disabled persons, from monthly groceries to medical fees. The best thing is the motivation behind these programs, as the volunteers run successful campaigns on social media to motivate people to participate in the program.

People Voluntarily Donate for this Purpose

Yes, this is one of the best things that we as a nation feel the pain of survivors and are willing to support them in their difficult times. Most of the fundraising programs are indeed being run by the government; however, some NGOs do this social work privately too. However, we still need to encourage these initiatives in more forums.

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