ESPN’s JJ Reddick Slams Clutch Points & Sports Media Aggregation [Watch]

On a recent segment episode of The Old Man & The Three JJ Redick addressed his appearance on First Take where he talked about LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and the LA Lakers. A short clip of this appearance was cut out and the aggregation which led to Rob Parker calling take JJ’s “The Worst Sports Take Ever.” In this clip, JJ tries to clarify his overall grip.

“The Last thing I want to talk about real quick is the worst take ever in sports history, which I had last week. I’ll vehemently disagree with that. It’s not going to be the last.

So, one of the problems with aggregate media is a quote everybody uses out of context. A quote out of context that people read as a headline, and in this case, it was our old friends at Clutch Points. Which is the worst website aggregate, Sports media? I don’t know what to call them. Are they a site? They’re certainly not creators but the worst Sports media aggregate people in the world,” said Redick.

“So they took this clip I had from First Take, so it [Michael] Wilbon, Stephen A, and me we started the show off talking about expectations for the Lakers. Look, a first-round win would exceed any best-case scenario for this team. Okay, I think the best version of this team is a play-in team that sneaks into the playoffs by either winning the seven or beating the eighth seed. You watched if you took the time to watch the 12 to 13 minutes that we talked about the Lakers, it was a very nuanced intelligent discussion that we gave. We spoke about why this roster is not good. It’s the shooting in the spacing they have not done enough to address their roster deficiencies this off season.”

“Not a lot of high-level big-wing defenders and not a lot of depth. We talked about the fact that when Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, and LeBron James are all in the lineup together small sample size but including last night, when Russ is on the court, A.D is on the court, LeBron is on the court. This team is 11-11. You know, small sample size as of last week 11 and 11. it’s worse now they’re
under 500. uh since this this team formed.”

He would later talk about not spending all season talking about the Lakers. “Don’t want to spend the entire season talking about it, so I noted I noted if you’re a Lakers fan, if you’re a producer of this show, by the way, let’s not spend the entire season talking about the same f***ing thing over and over. here’s an idea here’s some silver lining for you Lakers fans out there LeBron is going to be in a Lakers uniform when he breaks Kareem’s record and all of a sudden that turned into the worst take in sports history how lazy are you?

What do you think?

Written by Byron Nelson

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