Dwyane Wade Sr. Has Clippers And Raptors In The Finals


The Toronto Raptors have been flying under the radar this season after the departure of Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers and hasn’t missed a beat. They just secured the second seed in the Eastern Conference after beating the Memphis Grizzlies 108-99 on Saturday.

While the Los Angeles Clippers are currently in the second spot in the Western Conference. The Clipper犀利士 s have been one of the favorites to win it all season since it was announced that they signed both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard this past off-season.


But, could these teams meet in the Finals? If you asked Dwyane Wade Sr., who is the father of future Hall of Famer and three-time NBA Champion, Dwyane Wade, that the matchup he wants to see.

Wade Sr. was recently interviewed by journalist Faygo Franklin III and was ask who his Final picks were.

“I believe it is going to be the Toronto [Raptors] and [Los Angeles] Clippers. I like the [Los Angeles] Lakers and Milwaukee [Bucks], but I think the stronger team is Toronto in the East and in the West, I think the Clippers stronger bench, and team,” said Wade. “So, I think in a seven-game series, they are going to take somebody out.”

The playoffs are scheduled to start on August 17th in the NBA bubble and will end on October 13 this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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