Draymond Green Opens Up: Candid Thoughts on Chris Paul

Warriors fans were taken by surprise when the team acquired Chris Paul, as it instantly reignited old comments made by Draymond Green about not liking the star point guard. Known for their fierce on-court battles over the years, Green and Paul now find themselves as teammates. However, despite their previous clashes, both players have publicly expressed their excitement to play together.

During a recent episode of Podcast P, presented by Wave Sports and Entertainment, Green sat down with LA Clippers star Paul George to discuss various topics, including Chris Paul’s fit in Golden State. Green highlighted the need for a variety of scoring options, stating, “Our team last year didn’t have a variety of ways to score, and I think CP adds another thing to the menu to address the topic of a variety of ways to score.” He emphasized that Paul’s playing style differs significantly from that of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, himself, and Jordan Poole. Furthermore, Green reflected on how last season he and Curry were often split up, affecting their overall effectiveness. With Paul in the mix, Green believes the veteran point guard can anchor the second unit and help stabilize the team’s performance.

One intriguing aspect Green touched upon was the potential impact of Chris Paul on the development of rookie Jonathan Kuminga. Green praised Paul’s ability to connect with young players and cited the transformation of Deandre Ayton in Phoenix as an example. Ayton went from being labeled as a potential disappointment to becoming an All-Star level player after Paul joined the Suns. Green firmly believes that Paul’s influence will be crucial in unlocking Kuminga’s full potential, stating, “I think what he will do for Jonathan Kuminga and unlocking him is huge. Absolutely huge. And I look forward to learning that from him.”

Based on Green’s insights, it is evident that Chris Paul’s addition to the Warriors’ roster is seen as a positive move. The team lacked scoring diversity last season, and Paul’s unique style of play can address that issue. Moreover, his presence can help strengthen the second unit and allow Green and Curry to spend more time on the court together. Additionally, the potential impact on the growth of young talents like Kuminga adds another layer of excitement surrounding Paul’s arrival in Golden State.

As the upcoming NBA season approaches, fans eagerly await the dynamic partnership between Green and Paul, hoping it will yield positive results for the Warriors. Only time will tell how their on-court chemistry develops and whether their mutual respect translates into success on the basketball court.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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