Dez Bryant Loses $20K & Yella Beezy Loses $10K To Meek Mill As Eagles Improve To 6-0 & Cowboys 4-2

A few weeks ago, Meek and Dez Bryant placed $20,000 on the Eagles/Cowboys game. Meek tweeted, “Who from Dallas wanna bet when Dallas play the eagles … let’s get this out the way early … I got whatever on eagles.”

First, Dallas native Yella Beezy answered Meek, and he said they could bet a dime, meaning [$10k].

“N*** if that was directed to me just say that !!! We can bet that dime !!”

Then former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant tweeted, “Let’s bet 20k Meek… we smoking on that Eagle Pack oct 16th lol.”

Bryant then said, “20k and a Louie bag.


Dez not only beat Meek 20k, he also beat another on 20k on the money line.

“I’ve processed everything I need to, and it’s official….I’m betting 20k with Meek Mill and 20k on the money line…that’s a total of 40k! Betting on my Cowboys! We will be smoking on that Eagles pack…..see you all in Philly!”

Meek Mill also performed his hit record Dreams and Nightmares at the Cowboys and Eagles game.

The Dallas Cowboys would lose 24-16 to Philly on the road. Mike McCarthy talked about the Cowboys coming down early and fighting back into the game on Sunday evening.

“I think there is always value when someone cracks you in the jaw and you fight back and have a chance to win the game,” McCarthy said. “That is what this league is all about, and frankly, you can’t get to where we want to go without going through it. This team has tremendous passion and energy and play.”

The Eagles play the Pittsburgh Steelers next Sunday, and the Cowboys play the Detroit Lions.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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