Dallas Stars’ Fan Was Seeing Stars After Using A Racial Slur [Watch]

A Dallas Stars fan paid the price in an altercation on Wednesday following a dubious language choice.

During the 4-1 victory of the Stars over the Minnesota Wild, two fans began jawing to each other, and the fan in lower court asked his eventual opponent to step down for “I can box your a…”

The other fan did not, but this did not prevent the man in the mule from continuing to speak.

He ended up using the n-word to the fan, calling it a “dumba– n——.”

The apparently older man punched and dropped the fan, which began to attack and kick itself.”A woman joined the scrum, teaming up with the fan in the shirt.”

Despite the two-on-one advantage, however, the solitary hunter was successful. Nailed to a chair, the Dallas fan continued to pretend that he had done nothing wrong, noting that he had not launched the first shot. We do not know what sparked the heckling, but we know full well how it ended.

Dallas increased to 30-13-10 with the victory.

Speaking of the Stars, This past weekend, Dallas Stars superstar Jason Robertson took part in his first NHL All-Star game. As a lot of fans roll their eyes at the event, the young striker couldn’t have been more excited.

“Like I never thought I’d be hanging with the Winnipeg guys, although I skate with (Connor Hellebuyck) in the summer, and guys like (Arizona’s Clayton) Keller and chatting and getting to know (Minnesota’s Kirill) Kaprizov,” Robertson said. “These are usually rivals.”

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Written by Byron Nelson


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