Conceited Breaks Down The Difference In Prep Between Wild N’ Out & Battle Rap

Battle rapper and Wild N’ Out mainstay, Conceited, was on Clubhouse in the “WalkLikeUs’ room hosted by Remo on Monday. While on stage, Con answered many questions on a variety of topics such as sneakers, battle rap, and Wild N’ Out.

“That’s a very good question, and first of all, it’s night and day. It’s no way near the same, and I had to learn that the hard way. So, the first season that Wild N’ Out came back was season five; I pull up and do my thing for the first show. The next time I come back, I’m like the king of this s***. Cut the beat started going crazy, the crow look at me, like what the f*** this n**** talking about. I was like okay, I’m getting buzzers until I switched it until some normal s***, and heard a bell,” said Conceited.

“Nick Cannon was like they are not here to think, they are here to laugh, and want hear something quick. He was like the s*** you were saying was crazy and if you say that on the smack stage n***** would go wild, but here they don’t understand that, They want an instant gratification laugh. So, the difference between that is in battle rap, you do research and cut deep, and there are no rules. On Wild N’ Out you have to be funny for the s*** to make it and somewhat tasteful, and there is no point in doing research. You can’t use a crazy bar or analogy, and metaphor. It is so watered down and if think the shit could go on a smack stage don’t say it. You will either get a buzzer or it won’t make it on Wild N’ Out.”

He would continue:

“It was very difficult for me at first because I did not know how to think like that. I want to say some wild s***, and I don’t how to think so simple, but after years of doing I got this s*** down pat.”

Conceited has been on Wild N’ Out since 2013 after Nick Cannon reached out to him on Twitter. Cannon contacted Conceited directly to inform him that he was bringing the show back after its hiatus.

Conceited killed his first audition, however, his second one was not that great according to him. His only saving grace was that Cannon was sitting in on the audition and the only one laughing at Conceited’s jokes. According to Con, a week later he received a call from MTV’s talent relations department.

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Written by Landon Buford

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