Clippers Super Fan Clipper Darrell Sounds Off On Lakers Vice President Of Basketball Operations Rob Pelinka, Says He Needs To Be Fired And To Run Him His Money [Watch]

The Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers engaged in trade negotiations this week, but the price demanded by Indiana of two unprotected first-round picks was too high.

Stadium and The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported that news during a Bally Sports appearance on Wednesday.

“I’m told the Lakers and Pacers did engage in some trade conversations this week and the Pacers’ demand for two unprotected first-round picks … is just not appealing for the Lakers.”

NBA Insider Shams Charania reports on the Pacers’ plans to keep Myles Turner into the season.

Charania mentioned the Indiana center Myles Turner and the guard Buddy Hield, regularly mentioned in Lakers-Pacers trade negotiations, speculation, and rumors. In particular, he stated that the Lakers were unwilling to separate from two unprotected first-round players for the pair.

Pacers GM Chad Buchanan said on the Indianapolis Star’s Kevin & Query show that Indiana expects to start the season with Turner.

After Charania reported that the Lakers weren’t interest in parting with their two first round picks in deal for Hield and Turner, Clipper Darrell posted a video calling for Rob Pelinka’s job.

“Man, I’ve been a Clipper fan a long time man, and I’m living in LA can somebody please tell me. When have the Lakers ever worried about draft choices. Draft picks, draft choices whatever they are, [Rob ] Pelinka needs to be fired and before you leave send me my money man.

In the comment section former NBA veteran Gilbert Arenas agreed with Clipper Darrell adding, “[Yo] ur correct…Lakers rarely keep they draft picks 🤔 the best Laker draft picks since Eddie jones was (DLO and Ingram).

Media day around the league starts on Monday.

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Written by Landon Buford


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