Cappie Pondexter on Jamal Crawford, “He Inspired an Entire Generation”

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Jamal Crawford is still hasn’t signed with anyone as of yet and still has a desire play next season. Before the season finale against the Dallas Mavericks on April 10th, Crawford spoke to Fanatics View about how long he would like to still play in the NBA.

“Will see I don’t want to put a cap on it. When I stop enjoying it and enjoying the process, then that will be time for sure, but even then after that, I will be at an LA Fitness near you,” said Crawford.

Later that evening, Dirk Nowitzki would announce that. The 2018- 2019 season would be his last as he retired from the NBA after 21 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks. Unfortunately, for Dirk, Jamal Crawford would steal some headlines from the future Hall of Famer by dropping 51 points, but the Suns weren’t able to win the game.

“I’m sorry we didn’t get the win, but obviously it was Dirk’s night tonight,” Crawford said. “So you don’t feel all the way bad. It was not about me at all, and it was about my teammates and coaches; I just have to do my part.”

Throughout his 20 year career, Crawford has averaged 14.6, points, 2,2 points, and 3.4 assists mostly off the bench. In this role, he has earned three Sixth Man of the Year awards. The man, who widely, is known as having the best handles in the NBA can still provide value to any roster.  Whether its a veteran team like the Los Angeles Lakers or Philadelphia 76ers and even a young team that is looking for veteran leadership like the Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns.

Former All-Star Gilbert Arenas is surprised Crawford hasn’t been signed yet and thinks the Lakers should give him a call.

I am surprised at this point in his career. I hope he goes to a team like the Lakers because they need your outside shooting. They also need your creativity to provide more baskets, and they need another guard. I feel Jamal Crawford in that type of situation would be great for both sides.

Throughout his career, he has inspired numerous players, such as Devon Booker, Derrick Rose, and Cappie Pondexter.  Pondexter recently decided to retire from the WNBA, but still considered to have the best handles in the league. She recently spoke with me about her ability to handle the rock and taking things from Crawford’s game and implementing it into hers.

“Jamal Crawford probably has the record for most four-point plays ever. I don’t think I reached that level, but for sure the way we handled the ball is in an elite class. I took pieces of his game and implemented it into mine. I’m sure he could say the same thing. Jamal Crawford is a legend, and I hope he can finish his career the way he wants to.

He came up in that era with Allen Iverson and me.  To see him handle the ball the way he did throughout his career is crazy. If I had a kid or you are mentoring a kid Jamal is the type of player to go watch on YouTube without question. To see Jamal Crawford as a part of NBA history is a testament of his hard work throughout his career,” said Pondexter.


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Written by Landon Buford

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