Bucks To Retire Marques Johnson’s Jersey In March

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Earlier this week the Milwaukee Bucks announced that they plan to retire Marques Johnson’s Jersey in March.  Marques Johnson was a three-time All-NBA player during his time in a Bucks’ uniform. Also during that time, the team went 347-227 and made the playoffs on six different occasions. 

“I am moved beyond words by such a gesture,” said Johnson, “I have always held a special place in my heart for the fans who supported the Bucks during my time there.

“For the organization to honor me this way, means more than words can express. Sometimes it takes being away from a situation to really appreciate what you had. I had long felt a sense of disappointment for falling short of the NBA Finals. What I have come to realize is that the fans of Milwaukee only ask that you play hard and give your best, said Johnson.

Johnson was recently a guest on the Scoop B Radio podcast to discuss the recent announcement. Former Bucks guard Matthew Dellavedova will be the last player to wear Johnson’s number because it will be going into the rafters.

“Matthew Dellavedova was the last player to wear the number eight. He was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for George Hill and Jason Smith, he and John Henson, but he will be the last person ever to wear a number eight again, let me just put it that way. My number’s going up into the rafters, the first number to go up into the new venue, Fiserv Forum, which is just a beautiful, beautiful 樂威壯 edifice that management has built here in Milwaukee. But, uh, that’s the exciting news for me man, is that after you know, 30 plus years of having last played here, maybe closer to 40, that my number’s getting retired and, I’m just really thrilled, excited and just emotionally moved by the gesture, by the Bucks, Johnson told Scoop B Radio.

The Bucks have already retired eight numbers 1,2,4,10,14,16,32, and 33, which means in March when they raise Johnson’s jersey he will be the ninth.

“I think I’m the ninth player in team history to have that done, and I’m sure there are other guys after me that’ll have it done at some point cause there’s been some guys who are major contributors. But no, it’s been a long time coming man. Just again grateful to ownership and Peter Fegan, the team president, and everybody involved in the decision,” said Johnson.

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Written by Landon Buford

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