Bill Simmons Suggests Seattle Considers Acquiring the Oklahoma City Thunder Franchise [Listen]

In a recent discussion, renowned sports analyst Bill Simmons floated an intriguing proposal for Seattle, urging the city to explore the possibility of purchasing the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise. Simmons, known for his bold opinions, questioned the circumstances surrounding the Thunder’s relocation from Seattle to Oklahoma City and suggested that Seattle take advantage of the Thunder’s small market size and arena lease issues. While his comments may spark controversy, they ignite a conversation about the potential return of an NBA team to Seattle.

Simmons did not shy away from addressing the sensitive topic of the Thunder’s relocation from Seattle to Oklahoma City in 2008. He alluded to the fact that Oklahoma City “stole” the team from Seattle and pointed out the Thunder’s status as the smallest market in the league, coupled with their small arena. Simmons raised concerns about the team’s desire for a new stadium, potentially funded by taxpayers. These factors prompted him to question the viability of the Thunder in Oklahoma City.

Simmons acknowledged Seattle’s passionate fan base and their lingering desire for an NBA team. Although the city has been without an NBA franchise since the SuperSonics’ departure, Simmons expressed skepticism about the possibility of an expansion team arriving in the near future. Given this uncertainty, he proposed that Seattle consider a bolder approach—purchasing the Thunder franchise from owner Clay Bennett.

Seattle’s Advantage: Simmons highlighted the Thunder’s valuable assets and speculated on the potential financial offer Seattle could present to Bennett. With the franchise’s history in Seattle and the assets they have built, Simmons proposed a hypothetical scenario in which Seattle offers a significant amount, like $5 billion, to acquire the Thunder. This substantial sum would create an enticing proposition for Bennett and put the NBA in a unique position.

Simmons also pondered the reaction of the NBA should Seattle make such an offer. The league would be faced with a significant decision, weighing the potential financial windfall against the implications of a franchise relocation. While Simmons did not delve into the NBA’s possible response, it is clear that such a proposition would spark intense deliberations within the league.

Bill Simmons’ suggestion that Seattle should explore the possibility of purchasing the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise raises intriguing questions about the city’s NBA future. Despite the contentious history between the two cities, Simmons believes Seattle could leverage the Thunder’s small market size, arena lease issues, and their own passionate fan base to make a compelling case for bringing an NBA team back to the city. While purely speculative at this stage, the idea adds fuel to the ongoing discussion surrounding Seattle’s longing for a return to the NBA and invites further exploration of the franchise’s potential future.

However, it has been stated in the past, that the league would not allow teams to be relocated in fact before the Timberwolves were sold the ownership group that included Alex Rodriguez signed a contract that said they would not relocate to Seattle the same terminology was apart of the deal when Steve Ballmer bought the Clippers from Shelly Sterling.

“I told him, ‘you won’t have to build an arena or a practice field.’ So he was getting a bargain,” Sterling told the AP. “And I told him, ‘We have great players, a great coach and you’ll never have the chance to buy a team in Los Angeles again.’” An inspired Ballmer upped the offer to $2 billion and offered Sterling floor seats to every game as owner emeritus. “He really really wanted the team.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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