Becky Lynch Shocks Steve Harvey with a Bold Suggestion on “Celebrity Family Feud” [Watch]

“Sunday’s Celebrity Family Feud” proved to be a star-studded and entertaining affair as WWE superstars faced off against one another in a friendly competition. The episode, hosted by the charismatic Steve Harvey, featured the male WWE team led by captain Seth Rollins, comprising Big E, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Dolph Ziggler. On the other side, the female WWE team was fronted by none other than Becky Lynch, the real-life wife of Seth Rollins. Joining her were Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, Bayley, and Natalya.

The game show was filled with laughter and surprises, but one moment stole the spotlight – a question that centered on Steve Harvey himself. The host playfully asked the contestants, “If Steve Harvey wasn’t married, what female celebrity would you match him up with?”

The responses from both teams were witty and lighthearted, with names like Beyonce and Halle Berry making the list of top five answers. However, it was Becky Lynch’s suggestion that took everyone by surprise.

When the men’s team reached three strikes and the correct answer was still elusive, Becky saw an opportunity and dropped a bombshell suggestion – “Kim Kardashian?” she shyly uttered.

The unexpected response seemed to catch Steve Harvey off guard, leaving him momentarily speechless. He stumbled and stuttered over his response, making clearly uncomfortable facial expressions. “Wow… heh, whoo… that’s interesting,” he managed to say, trying to recover from the surprising suggestion.

However, the big board did not back up Becky’s idea, as Kim Kardashian’s name was not among the top five answers. The men’s team seized the opportunity and stole the points, moving one step closer to victory.

As the episode aired, fans of “Celebrity Family Feud” took to social media to share their amusement and ponder the match. Some even directly tweeted at Kim Kardashian, asking for her response to the playful proposition. However, the Hulu star has yet to reply, leaving fans intrigued and waiting for her reaction.

Despite the playful banter and friendly rivalry, the episode showcased the camaraderie among the WWE superstars. Becky Lynch’s quick wit and bold suggestion added a spark of spontaneity to the game show, making her a standout personality on the episode.

In the end, the men’s team emerged victorious with a thrilling comeback. However, the true winner of “Sunday’s Celebrity Family Feud” was the audience, who were treated to a delightful and entertaining showdown between their favorite WWE superstars.

Becky Lynch’s appearance on “Celebrity Family Feud” showcased her charm, charisma, and playful spirit, endearing her even more to her fans. While she may be known as “The Man” in WWE, she proved that her captivating personality extends beyond the wrestling ring.

As the world of WWE continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Becky Lynch’s memorable moment on “Celebrity Family Feud” will undoubtedly remain a topic of conversation among fans. With her boldness and humor, she added an unforgettable twist to the game show, leaving us eagerly awaiting her next move, both inside and outside the wrestling arena.

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Written by Nick White

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