Becky Hammon Is Super Intelligent, Plus She Can Hoop, Says Detroit Pistons Assistant GM, Says Malik Rose

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Last month New York Times reporter Marc Stein reported that San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was unsure if he would coach the team after this season. Popovich has been coaching the Spurs since he relieved Bob Hill in 1996 and named himself the head coach.

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In late January after a recent game versus the Mavericks and Spurs, I wrote an article about the possibility of Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon might be next in line to take over whenever Popovich decides to step down. Popovich stated that someone has will have to replace him when I asked if he could see Hammon replacing him.

“Well, somebody is going to replace me, I really don’t know who that is going to be,” Popovich told me.

If the Spurs were to name Hammon the successor to Popovich she would be the first female head coach in NBA history.

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Recently, I spoke to one of Hammon’s peers’ Mavericks assistant coach Jenny Boucek about the possibility of Hammon replacing future the Hall of Famer coach.

“I think Becky Hammon should be the first female coach in the NBA. She has been groomed for it, and she really wants to do it. Becky proved that she could in the summer league, and I know that is just a taste, but she’s got what it takes. So, I think she would be a real asset in leading a team,” said Boucek.

Former Spurs’ power forward Malik Rose, who is currently the Assistant General Manager of Detroit Pistons was recently in Dallas as the Pistons took on the Mavericks. I asked Rose about Popovich possibly hanging it up.

“It will be a sad day, but I would be super-super happy for Pop he is going out on his terms, and he has been a model not only the Spurs but the entire NBA. A model of how leadership should be and a model of consistency all the adjectives you want to use; perseverance, intuitiveness, intelligence. I’m going to miss seeing him on the sidelines whenever he decides to hang it up, but while he is still coaching, I’m going to enjoy watching and learning from him,” 2 -time NBA Champion Malik Rose told me.

I follow up that question with asking Rose If he thought Hammon might be next in line to replace Pop being that she had been interviewed for head coaching positions this past summer.

“I think Becky is top notch she is going to make a great coach; she is already a great assistant coach. She will make a great head coach one day I know her professionally and personally, she is a great person, super intelligent, she works hard, and she can “hoop”! So, she has all the skills,” said Rose.

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Written by Landon Buford

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