Coach William Payne Announces He Partnered With Twitter & Twitter Spaces To Do A Series Of Spaces Including With ‘The White House’


On Friday night, Coach William Payne was on Twitter Spaces in a space hosted by a User answering questions. During the question and answer session, Payne revealed that he recent got to a spaces with the White House.

“Bad Guy, did you see I got to do a Spaces with ‘The White House’ man? Did you see that? Said Payne.

“I was in that joint, but I was at work, so I had to tap out, but I was in there a little bit, man. You know, when I see you in the space, I tap in,” said the User.

“I still can’t believe it, and I was one of three people that was asked to be a guest for Twitter Spaces, right? So these two other ladies and I are going to be permanent guests. Like we were reached out to from Twitter, they were like, can you be a permanent guest for us. I signed a contract with Twitter & Twitter Spaces to do a series of Spaces talking about growing community and doing different things. That led to one of the other girls being on and talking about some of the things that she does with ‘The White House,’ and she asked me to be on. It’s crazy; I’m chopping it up about college basketball for one minute. The next minute, I’m legit in the space with thousands of people talking to ‘The White House’ about NFT policies.”

Payne host numerous Spaces, such as one where he allows prospects to pitch themselves to coaches around the country and allows them to get scholarships. He also hosts a space called Hoop Therapy, which is not recorded, and people can go in there to tell their stories. These spaces are weekly on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Written by Landon Buford

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