SOZI Provided A Romantic Single Track, “Under The Starlights” 

SOZI is an up-and-coming independent artist from the United States. Her style of music is more adult contemporary, indie pop, chill, and romantic. 

Her new single, “Under The Starlights,” is a perfect example of these genres combining to create a beautiful, atmospheric soundscape. 

SOZI grew up encircled by music in a family that always danced, sang, and entertained. She began classical training in piano at seven and started songwriting at ten. The song is about looking up at the star-filled sky, feeling a sense of awe, and wondering about being alive.

SOZI‘s vocals are warm and inviting, and his guitar playing adds a touch of soulful longing. The overall effect will leave listeners feeling calm and uplifted. With its soothing melodies, Under The Starlights is sure to please those who enjoy indie pop with a romantic vibe.

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