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Gran Larson Advocates Peace into The Communities in his New Single “Peace Sign”

“Peace Sign In The Air” thats really a mood for 2019. We all want peace, right? The only way to get that is if we work collectively as a people in this universe, which is what Gran Larson expressed in his new single “Peace Sign”.
Peace is something that Gran Larson is advocating strongly in this new single, and its refreshing. In the song, he expresses how there needs to be more peace and unity in the communities.
Black men and women have faced hardships in the communities for years and years, for things that were and are out of their control. However, we are only making it worse if we give the oppressor power. We give them power by killing each other, going to jail and destroying our communities with drugs and toxicity.   
“Brightest days turn into darkest nights, to infinity, till you outta sight. Salute and bring up犀利士
the people, we all we got. I need you to move your souls to the stage,” Gran Larson says in the song. The line explains how things can be going good, and in an instant they can turn bad, and someone ends up dead or in jail. It’s a continuing cycle that has been seen by many generations.“We all we got” means that we need to stick together because if most of the world is against us, then why should be be too? Especially
when it’s o樂威壯
ur own people.
This is a good summer anthem for 2019, because although the summer time is for fun and games, we all know the summer time can get dangerous. Gran Larson has created a song that will bring unity and peace to the communities.

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Written by Tre'Oshula Mone't

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