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    Reggie Miller Prepared Himself To Be A Villain, Says Former Laker Sam Perkins

    Scoop B and Reg had former Los Angeles  Lakers Sam Perkins as a guest on their new podcast over All-Star Weekend in Charlotte. During the second installment of the podcast,  Scoop B asked the former Tar Heel if he saw any similarities in the mentality of his former teammates Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller. Being […] More

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    Miami Gets First Dibs Regarding NBA Ownership, Says Dwyane Wade, But I Would Love To See The Sonics Back In Seattle

    Last June, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Editor Joel Weber interviewed future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade.  During the interview, Wade and Weber discussed a lot of different topics, for example, goals for his sons, his legacy, and team ownership.  Weber presented the question of would you ever consider buying an NBA Franchise. In which he responded: “I definitely want to […] More